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Some of my Favourite Atari 8-bit software!
Remember these?!


Buried Bucks
I used to spend hours on this game, blasting out the money and returning it to the base! Addictive


Match Racer
A great two player dual! Avoid the obstacles and try and force your opponent into them!

Caverns of Mars
An Atari Program Exchange game that Atari decided to market because it was so good.
This game is very challenging. Looks basic but has excellent game play. Don't get caught in the Crossfire!

Pole Position
The arcade classic port to the Atari 8-bit. The best racer in it's day.


Miner 2049er
Certainly one of the best platform games to come out for the Atari 8-bit. Cool graphics.
The unique game play of Qix in the arcades was ported to the Atari. An excellent and unique game to play.
This blew away the Atari community when released with it's one of a kind game play! Very cool!
One of the first games to be relsed for the 8-bit. Supports FOUR players for your Atari 400/800 !

Protector II
Fast horizontal scroller with defender like firing. Good improvements over the first version.

Sea Dragon

The underwater classic from Russ Wetmore (the guy who created Preppie!)

Rescue on Fractulus
This real time 3d game was well ahead of its time! Gets scary when the Aliens bash your window!
Another cool 3d game. Two player split screen mayhem!
Captain Stickys Gold
A tough underwater challenge with fast game play

Fort Apocalypse

Hours spent playing this classic. Very difficult but addictive.

Galactic Chase
A Galaxian Clone. Needs no further introduction. The game is definitely a classic from the arcades.
Hazard Run
Get in the Duke Boys General Lee and Jump some canyons and squash chickens! Lots of laughs with this one.
What Atari 8-bit owner didn't own Shamus? Excellent action adventure from Synapse.

Dimension X

Cool 3d shoot-em up. Haunting game music, ahead of its time.

One of my favourite Atari game ports from the arcades. Nice translation. A definite classic.


Another that needs no introduction. Fast action from the arcades. An 80's favorite.

Missile Command
And the hits just keep on coming!
Deluxe Invaders
The original Atari port with updated arcade graphics. Brought the Atari version closer to the real thing.

Wall War
A not very well known game but a classic none the less. Unique game play and great graphics for its time.

Donkey Kong

Yet another world wide classic from the Arcades and an excellent port to the Atari 8-bit.

Preppie II
If you loved the first Preppie then you would have loved the second! Can still hum the music to this day!

More arcade classics. Gorf was popular in the 80's with its twist on "spacies".
Capture the flag
Two player 3d maze action. It's a race to the flag!

Hyper Olympics

Great two player sports challenge. Very popular in the arcade. A "joystick wrecker"!
Ms Pac Man
Pac Man's other half gets a crack at the dots!

Another arcade classic. Very Fast action. A must for action freaks.

"Human fight like a Robot"! If you know those words then you know and love this game!

Dig Dug

More classics from the arcades. Another favourite from the 80's on your Atari 8-bit.

Journey to the Planets
Remember this quirky space adventure filled with perplexing puzzles? Try solving it again!

Buck Rogers

Back to the arcade again with this space classic from the Hit TV series in the 80's!

Jungle Hunt
Cool arcade translation with four unique screen plays. A definite classic.

BC Quest for Tires

Cool Cartoon like graphics! Was certainly something a bit different in its day!
Up n' Down
A rare game if you own the original cartridge. Taken from the Arcades it can be quite challenging.
Spy Hunter
So many classics in this lot. Spy Hunter is defiantly one of the favorites of the 80's.
Pharaohs Curse
Remember sinking hours into this action adventure? Its again another classic.
Definitely one of my favorite games 20 years ago. Still a classic to play. Chess strategy with action with extra concepts thrown in.
So many classics, so little time! If you were there in the 80's you would appreciate Zaxxon's 3d gameplay.


Who can forget this original classic. Unique game play with a great theme to boot. A must in any collection.
Well it wouldn't be a complete classic collection without Gyrus.  The music still lives on!
Star Wars
Needs no introduction. Based on the epic movie series of the era. A worthy classic.
Rainbow Walker
Synapse software simply made some of the most amazing games of the time. This is no exception

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