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If you lived your teens during the 80's then chances are you may have had the opportunity to own an Atari 8-bit computer. If you did then you will immediately relate to how your Atari changed your life and introduced you into the world of computing. Those were truly the golden years.

Now it is possible to relive those fond memories by recreating your Atari environment and (with resources permitting) expand your Atari collection to include all the games and hardware you wanted as a teenager! With a little disposable income you can now recreate your Atari experience from decades ago and join thousands of others who are embarking upon the same journey.

Some classics like M.U.L.E with 4 player action strategy simply has to be played on real hardware. Emulation simply doesn't cut it! There's also nothing like hearing your old Atari 810 floppy drive clunk into action reading disks that were recorded a quarter of a century ago! Kids love the simplicity of the games and back then it was all about the game play not the graphics.

So enjoy your stay and check out my collection. If you want to get in touch with me to talk Atari then contact me at To buy or sell 8-bit Atari gear please click on the FOR SALE menu item above to use the free classified service


M.U.L.E. - An 8-bit classic!

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