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My Personal Collection



OK, well I've collected a fair bit over the last couple of years. The picture on the home page shows my current setup.

My first priority was to get the hardware and software that I used as a teenager to recreate what I had. I then moved on and started collecting pretty much anything authentic I could get my hands on. When you start adding up how much it all costs it's pretty scary and I must admit that my wife wasn't too happy about it at all! But hey this is reliving my youth and for that it's priceless.

If you want to start, or add to your collection then go to the FOR SALE link above and grab what you are missing today. Once the items are sold they get harder and harder to find and more and more expensive so get in now and secure some Atari history. At least it is an investment with prices rising year on year as items become more and more scarce and in demand. Who knows what your collection will be worth in another 25 years time!


My Hardware


  Atari 800 computer PAL and NTSC versions
  Atari 810 Disk Drive  
  Atari 410 Tape Drive  
  Atari 830 Acoustic Modem Very rare and a classic of the era
  Atari 1200 XL computer  
  Arabic Atari 65 XE "Star" computer Only 3 of these are known to exist in the world!
  Atari 1050 Unmodded and modded (Archiver)
  Atari 850 Serial/Parallel Interface Both creme and the rare Black box version
  Atari 835 Direct Connect Modem  
  Atari 825 Dot Matrix Printer  
  Boxed Atari 800 complete  
  Boxed 830 Telecommunications Pack Factory new condition


My Accessories


cx85 Numeric Keypad  
cx 40-04 Boxed Joystick Controllers (pair) Hard to find boxed
cx30-04 Boxed Paddle Controllers Hard to find boxed
  Light Pen  
  Touch Tablet  
  Boxed 16k Memory Expansion Pack  


My Boxed Software


Large Atari Format Boxes

cx8104 Blue Master Diskette II (Shrink)  
cxl4018 Black Pilot Programming Language (Shrink)  
cxl4025 Black Defender  
CXL4013 Black Asteroids (Shrink)  
cx8130 Black Caverns of Mars (Shrink)  
cxl4020 Black Centipede (Shrink)  
cxl4011 Black Star Raiders  
CXL4022 Black Pac Man (Shrink)  
CXL4008 Black Space Invaders  
CXL4012 Black Missile Command  
CX4103 Brown Statistics I (Shrink)  
CX4106 Brown Invitation to Programming 2  
CX4121 Brown Energy Czar  
CXL4003 Blue Assembler Editor  
CX8107 Brown Stock Analysis  
CX8108 Brown Stock Charting  
CX4125 Black Conversational Italian  
CX4120 Black Conversational German  
CX4120 Black Conversational Spanish  
CX404 Black Atari Word Processor  

Medium Atari Format Boxes

cxl4011 Black Star Raiders  

Small Atari Format Boxes

Cx8100 Blue 5 Blank Disks (Shrink)  
CX8101 Blue Master Diskette (Shrink)  
cxl4002 Blue Basic  
cx4107 Brown Biorhythm  
cx4105 Brown Black Jack  
cx4111 Brown Space Invaders  
CX4114 Brown European Countries & Capitals  
CX4108 Brown Hangman  
CX4102 Brown Kingdom  
CX4112 Brown States & Capitals  
CXL4019 Silver In-store Demonstration Program  
RX8025 Black Defender (Shrink)  
CXL4005 Black Video Easel  
CXL4009 Black Computer Chess  
CXL4004 Black Basketball  
CXL4010 Black 3D Tic Tac Toe  
RX8008 Black Space Invaders  
CXL4006 Black Super Breakout  
RX8006 Black Super Breakout (Diff code)  
RX8024 Black Galaxian  

Small Atari Format Boxes - Educational Series

cx4001 Green Master Cartridge  
cx6003 Green Supervisory Skills  
cx6007 Green Principles of accounting  
cx6005 Green Basic Sociology  
cx6016 Green Basic Electricity  
CX6008 Green Physics  
CX6010 Green Business Communication  
CX6015 Green Spelling  
CX6012 Green Effective Writing  
CX6006 Green Counseling Procedures  
Cx6011 Green Basic Psychology  
cx6017 Green Basic Algebra  
cx6009 Green Great Classics  
CX6014 Green Principles of Economics  
cx6001 Green US History  
cx6004 Green World History  
cx6002 Green US Government  


My Miscellaneous Atari Stuff


  Atari Stock Share Certificate  
  Atari Asteroids 12" Vinyl Record  
  Atari Missile Command 12" Vinyl Record  
  Atari 800 Dust Cover (Brown)  
  Atari 410 Dust Cover (Brown)  
  Atari 810 Dust Cover (Brown)  
  Atari Cartridge Folders (Grey)  
  Atari Cartridge Folders (Brown - VCS)  




  Technical Reference Notes (TFN) - OS Users Manual  
  TFN - Operating System Source Listing  
  TFN - Hardware Manual  
  Field Service Technical Manual (Binder only)  
  Atari 810 Operators Manual  
  Atari 850 Operators Manual  
  Atari 825 - Operators Manual  
  Atari 410 - Operators Manual  
  400/800 DOS Reference Manual  
  400/800 DOS II Reference Manual  
  800 Operators Manual  
  Basic Reference Manual  
  810 Introduction to the Disk Operating System  
  810 Owners Guide  
  410 Owners Guide  


My Atari Related Magazines


  Antic Magazine (TBC)  
  Analog Magazine (TBC)  
  Compute! Magazine (TBC)  
  Electronic Games Magazine (TBC)  
  Atari User Magazine (Vol 1 - 4 all)  

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